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        125 years of Cluny presence in Caconda - Angola

125 years of Cluny presence in Caconda - Angola

  1. Recently, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny in Angola celebrated 125 years of Cluny presence in Caconda. During the celebrations, four sisters made their perpetual vows.

Situated approximately 800 km south of Luanda, the capital of Angola, Caconda is an area of extreme poverty with 20% of the population suffering from malnutrition with many of the families living off of subsistence farming.

The Christians of Caconda live a very dynamic and fervent Christianity and have given many strong vocations to the Church. The Cluny Sisters have been working with the Spiritans since the beginning of this mission.

The ministry of our Sisters in Caconda:
  • Pastoral: Parish catechesis; Pastoral work in village catechetical centers; coordination and assistance to Parish movements and groups.
  • Health: a clinic and maternity ward; in this dispensary there is a small laboratory; while a lot of people come to this clinic the Sisters also go to villages for vaccinations and for health education.
  • Education: A Sister is director of the parish primary and secondary school. The women’s mission also has a primary school and boarding school with 52 girls from distant villages who come to study.

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