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          175 years of Cluny presence in Karaikal, India

175 years of Cluny presence in Karaikal, India

With hearts filled with joy and gratitude, the four communities of Karaikal- Province of South East India, joined together to celebrate the 175th year of Cluny presence in Karaikal.

The highlight of the celebration was a solemn Eucharistic celebration in the Parish Church by the Vicar General of Pondicherry who was accompanied by 15 other priests. The celebration focused on giving thanks to the Lord for His continued presence and guidance throughout 175 years of Cluny ministry in the region of Karaikal.

The presence of Sisters from near and far, lay associates, parishioners, benefactors, teachers, students and well-wishers added a tremendous amount of joy to the celebration. A colourful dance-drama presentation on the life and mission of Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey, staged by the students of our schools at Karaikal, touched the hearts of many.

May the presence and ministry of the Cluny Sisters continue to be a blessing to the people of Karaikal in the years to come !

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