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          2018 Feast of the Assumption at the Mother House : A Four Part (...)

2018 Feast of the Assumption at the Mother House : A Four Part Feast

On this blessed day when we celebrate the Virgin Mary, our perpetual Mother General, and when traditionally we celebrate the Superior General, a number of different communities met in the morning for a very beautiful celebration of Lauds, during which we expressed our heartfelt best wishes to Sister Clare Stanley, our current Superior General.

Father Rémy, a priest from the African Missions, presided over the Eucharistic celebration which began at 11:30 and brought together sisters from neighboring communities. The choir of the Mother House sang in French, English, Spanish, Haitian Creole and Sierra Leonean Creole ! After the consecration, at the time of the doxology, six sisters of four nationalities : Indian, Senegalese, Guinean and Haitian, carried out the Indian rite of the ARATI. The celebration of the Mass was a joyful and prayerful celebration of colors, perfumes and songs, all expressing a true image of the diversity of our Congregation !

After Mass, a feast day meal brought together a little more than 60 sisters. A group of sisters worked together organizing a wonderful show ! They did everything to highlight the talents of our sisters through dances, songs and sketches. It was truly joy filled ! At the end of the meal, Sister Clare Stanley thanked the Sacred Heart Community and all those who worked behind the scenes to create such a wonderful day. She thanked those who came to celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and to be part of this day of communal celebration. She also thanked her Council and recalled that her new mission was only possible with all the General Councilors. More than ever we knew the feeling of our "Cor Unum."

Note that the celebrant, Father Rémy, was also one of us for the fraternal feasts. He gave the final blessing and took the opportunity to thank the sisters for this time spent as "a family".

To close this beautiful day of celebration, we solemnly sang Vespers which was then followed by a procession in the garden, during which we prayed the rosary accompanied by songs to the Virgin Mary. The decades of the Rosary were recited in front of the various statues of Mary in the garden. They were prayed alternately in French and English. The Sisters prayed and sang with all their heart. The Blessed Virgin was truly present to us !

Deo gratias’ for this beautiful day of celebration !

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