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        Anne-Marie Javouhey Today

Anne-Marie Javouhey Today

Anne-Marie Javouhey responded to the needs of her time. Many of the same needs cry out in our world today, inviting us to respond as Anne-Marie did in the 19th century !

Rejection of slavery :

She knew that as « children of God » and made in God’s image, all humanity is loved by God and destined for happiness and life in all its fullness.

Allowing others to be themselves :

Her educational methods showed great respect for the true nature of human beings as seen in her statement … "Free persons are led, not by constraint, but by persuasion."

Personal worth and social responsibility :

She understood and wanted others to be aware of the importance of the family, ownership, work, and respect for the environment.

Discernment :

In an age of profound change and many problems, she discerned the needs of her times and responded to them by helping others to prepare for a better future.

Change brought about by action :

She not only discerned, but created the conditions necessary to change situations which she considered intolerable, analysing them and then suggesting solutions and the means to be used.

Addressing the cause :

She was not satisfied with temporary solutions to the evils she encountered but worked to eradicate it by going to the root of the problem.

Human dignity :

With her sisters she cared for the mentally challenged, those who were abandoned and those caught in slavery, always working to restore their human dignity.

Capacity for self-development :

She believed that every person of every race had the capacity for self-development and the ability to take their destiny in their own hands.

Overcoming Prejudices :

She helped young Africans who wished to become priests to do so, in spite of the prejudices that existed at the time.

Practice of inculturation :

"We will keep to all that can be kept of the simple customs which suit the climate, we will change only what is not good."

Capacity of Women :

She showed that women had great influence and were well capable of helping societies develop ; a woman herself, she went beyond the customs of her times so as to realise her mission.

A heart open to the world :

She had a heart open to the world, to unknown cultures, sending her sisters on long, dangerous voyages, which she herself also took, in order to proclaim the Good News of God’s love wherever it was not yet known.

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