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      Antilles / French Guiana

Antilles / French Guiana

The Province of the Antilles / French Guiana includes the two French islands of the Lesser Antilles: Martinique and Guadeloupe along with French Guiana which is located in South America between Brazil and Suriname. They share a common sociio-political history.

French Guiana

2 communities
7 sisters
Foundation in 1822


5 communities
27 sisters
Foundation in 1822


2 communities
10 sisters
Foundation in 1822

Martinique and Guadeloupe had the honour of being visited by Blessed Anne-Marie JAVOUHEY. She had two sojourns in Guiana, a place that is truly indebted to her and the work she accomplished for the liberation of slaves in the territory of Mana, a town she actually founded. Today this town is twinned with the town of Chamblanc in France, all due to the actions of Anne-Marie JAVOUHEY, - a great contributor on the road to the ‘Abolition of Slavery.’

When the Sisters arrived in the Antilles and French Guiana in 1822 and 1823, they worked diligently in the area of education and the development of the youth. Our sisters were pioneers in these places. There was also a need for social work and medical care, which enabled us to be close to the most vulnerable.

Today our mission in education continues through our educational establishments, which are adapting to all the new technology. The presence of the sisters in rural parishes in Martinique, and our involvement in various dioceses, has also been a source of evangelization.

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