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        Building the future with confidence and realism

Building the future with confidence and realism

Wednesday, March 30, 2016, five members of the General Council attended a conference organized by CORREF (Conference of Major Superiors). It was held at the Catholic University of Lyon (France) and was on the theme:


The day, which was for major superiors and members of provincial councils, brought together approximately a hundred people. The morning session included input by Father Dominique Grenier, Assumptionist and editor of the Catholic newspaper ‘La Croix’. Following his input, three congregations spoke of actions they had taken in light of their future, giving methodological benchmarks for action. The time for group work in the afternoon allowed for the sharing of experiences which is always thought-provoking.

Some thoughts from Fr Dominique Grenier’s input ...

He used the image of the ‘Concordia’

  • an image of a world that is struggling to avoid sinking
  • fragility of our world

He said that we have a society:

  • that is perpetually changing and that generates a sense of insecurity
  • where it is difficult to make long term choices in life
  • where one lives with the preference for the fluidity of social networks

What ‘word of faith’ can we introduce into this crisis?
We need to:

  • reinvent our identity
  • to have a ‘memory’ and a ‘desire’ ... live our charism with a capacity of imagination that opens to newness

He said that during the year of consecrated life, the Pope gave us the items to build a future with confidence and realism.

  • because of Christ ... a rootedness in the Gospel
  • under the sign of joy
  • witnesses of hope ... to live this difficult time in Hope
  • prophets to illuminate the future
  • waking the world
  • going to the outskirts

The crisis today could fill us with fear, but instead it gives us reason to respond with love and hope!

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