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      Celebrate the Triduum ... Not just Easter

Celebrate the Triduum ... Not just Easter

We offer the following link to Dan Schutte’s virual Triduum to help deepen your understanding of the Easter Triduum and to encourage the celebration of not just Easter, but Holy Thursday, Good Friday, The Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday.

The Days of Grace ... A Virtual Triduum with DAN SCHUTTE

Woshipping with the Communion of Saint

  • Saints and Beloved of God

Holy Thursday

  • Opening Hymn: Glory in the Cross
  • Scripture Reading and Psalm
  • Homily
  • Washing of the Feet: As I Have Done for You
  • Prayer at the Table: God of our Life
  • Communion Hymn: Where Love is Found
  • Thanksgiving: Dayenu Litany
  • Closing Hymn: Go Now in Peace

Good Friday

  • First Reading: The Suffering Servant
  • Psalm Response: Be My Refuge
  • Passion Reading: We Sing The Savior’s Glory
  • Homily
  • Veneration of the Cross: Behold the Wood
  • Communion Hymn: Glory in the Cross
  • Closing Hymn: The Mystery of God

Easter Vigil

  • Prelude: Holy Darkness
  • Easter Proclamation: Most Holy Night
  • Scripture Reading: Ezekiel
  • Psalm Response: On this Most Holy Day
  • Scripture Reading: Let all who Thirst
  • Glory to God
  • Easter Gospel and Acclamation
  • Jesus Christ is Risen Today
  • Easter Homily by Rev. John Baran
  • Renewal of Baptism and Profession of Faith
  • Preparation of Altar and Gifts
  • Great Prayer of Thanksgiving: Mass of Christ the Savior
  • Lamb of God Litany
  • Communion Hymn: Glory in the Cross
  • Closing Hymn: The Wondrous News

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