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          Cluny nurse responses to measles crisis in Samoa

Cluny nurse responses to measles crisis in Samoa

Samoa declared a state of emergency nine days ago, closing all its schools, banning children from public gatherings and mandating that everybody get vaccinated. Teams of people have been travelling the country administering thousands of vaccines. (The Associated Press, November 25, 2019 Wellington, New Zealand)

From the Province of New Zealand / Philippines :

Our very own Sister of St Joseph of Cluny nurse, Sister Lusini Falemaka, joined the medical teams that the country of New Zealand sent to respond to the measles crisis in Samoa. Keep safe and know we all very proud of you, Sister Lusini ! We pray for the people of Samoa as they go through this sad and hard time. May God bless you all. (Sister Allison McAllister, Provincial)

Sister Lusini (2nd from left) and some members of their team. There are 8 individuals on the team. 3 nurses, 3 administrators, a driver and a Policeman !

At Samoa’s hospital, Apia. Briefing and off we go !

Parish hall of Vailele village. Used as base in the morning. After lunch we make house calls in Letogo and Laulii.

First group of the morning.

Sister Lusini Falemaka’s Update from Samoa

A very warm greeting from Samoa !

My team and I arrived safe and sound. There are 23 teams altogether, 8 members in a team, 3 nurses, 3 admin, 1 police and a driver. The nurses in our team have asked to please pray for the projects and the people of Samoa at this time.

My team vaccinated 330 persons yesterday. We vaccinate more than 300 a day. The police are present for the villages that have no (matai) chief as people do respond well to uniform personnel.

After vaccinating the people at the hall at around 2 pm today, we were asked to respond to a house call. Every house was visited, this ended our very exhausting day at 5 pm ... then time for shower and a little nap before the debriefing for our next call.

My team is using the Parish Hall of Vailele village where the Little Sisters of the Poor have their Rest Home. While waiting for people to arrive for their vaccination, I heard the singing and walked in to pay a short visit to the church where there was Adoration around the clock.

Yesterday morning, we had breakfast with the New Zealand High Commissioner. He announced that the measles outbreak is a National Disaster for the people of Samoa and the country !!

Bye for now.
Sister Lusini Falemaka

Join us in praying for the people of Samoa and those responding to the crisis !

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