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        Cluny sisters in Karaikal, India respond to the call of United (...)

Cluny sisters in Karaikal, India respond to the call of United Nations

During their Sports Day celebrations, the Cluny Sisters of the Province of South East India, Karaikal responded to the call of the United Nations during this ‘International Year of Indigenous Languages’.

Indigenous peoples are the root of ancient traditions and cultures. Since many of their languages have been diminishing from the earth, the United Nations has declared 2019 as the ‘Year of Indigenous Languages’ and has taken steps to preserve their languages and cultural traditions. They have also asked the people of the world to join hands with them in order to:

  • enhance the life of Indigenous people,
  • develop their educational condition,
  • preserve their traditional arts and games and
  • help them live together with people of other cultures without losing their originality.

In answer to this call, during our annual Sports Day Programme, we, the Cluny Sisters of South East India, Karaikal, created awareness within both the students and the local people for the need to help preserve indigenous languages, cultures and traditions. This was done through the presentation of various commentaries and tribal dances. Our students also learned and presented a Silambattam demonstration, which is one of the traditional martial arts of the Indigenous people used for self-protection.

For more information go to: 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

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