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      Council of the Congregation 2022

Council of the Congregation 2022

After being delayed for 9 months because of Covid-19, the leadership of the congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny are gathering in Rome for the Council of the Congregation which is being held from February 13 to March 6.

The Council of the Congregation

The Council of the Congregation is convened by the Superior General at least once during a mandate of six years. It is a medium of information and consultation created for the purpose of ensuring effective participation by all the provinces in the progress of the whole Institute.

The role of the Council is:

  • to maintain and strengthen the unity of the Congregation and to promote greater co-ordination
  • to study the evolution of the different provinces
  • to examine how the decisions of the chapter have been implemented and how the Congregation is responding to contemporary needs
  • to do research work of a general nature
  • to propose orientations to be taken
  • to guide the growth and development of the Congregation
  • to examine serious problems likely to affect the whole Institute

The Council of the Congregation is composed of:

  • the Superior General and her council
  • the representative of the Congregation in Rome
  • the General Secretary and the General Bursar
  • the Provincial, Vice-Provincial and Regional Superiors

    The theme of the Council of the Constitutions is "Road to Emmaus." As seen in our logo, we are pilgrims on the way, traversing the world, accompanied by the spirit of Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey and guided by the Holy Spirit!

Join us in praying for openness to the Spirit that guides us!

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