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          Council of the Congregation

Council of the Congregation

From April 26th to May 12th, the Cluny Sisters in La Reunion, a small island in the Indian Ocean, opened their doors to welcome the leadership of the congregation for the ‘Council of the Congregation’.

A Time to Share, Listen and Discern

The Council of the Congregation is a meeting of the leadership of the congregation that gathers every six years. It is held between General Chapters. This gathering was an opportunity to :
maintain and strengthen the unity of the congregation
sharing the reality of each of our situations
promote greater co-ordination and collaboration
report on the implementation of the 2012 General Chapter orientations
encourage a continued response to the needs of today

The opening mass of the Council of the Congregation

Why Reunion ?

Anne Marie Javouhey founded the Congregation in 1807 in Cluny, France. When Anne Marie sent sisters to Reunion (then Bourbon) in 1817, it became the first overseas mission. It was the beginning of the fulfillment of a dream Anne-Marie had in which she was shown people of every color. In 2017 Reunion will celebrate its bi-centenary and it was in union with this upcoming celebration, that we chose to gather our leadership from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Oceania on the tiny island of Reunion.

In all there were 58 participants :

  • 11 from the Generalate in Paris
  • 5 from Europe
  • 7 from Africa
  • 3 from the region of the Indian Ocean
  • 8 from India
  • 3 from the region of the Pacific Ocean
  • 8 from the Americas
  • 9 translators (French, English, Portuguese and Spanish speaking)
  • 3 forming the secretariat team
  • 1 doing communication and technology

Sister Micheline Tremblay, CSC (Holy Cross Sisters), was the facilitator of the Council of the Congregation. We also benefited from her skills in 2012 as she facilitated our General Chapter.

A word of thanks

The congregation thanks all the sisters of Reunion who welcomed their visitors with such joy and hospitality. It was an important meeting in the sense of moving the congregation forward but it was also a wonderful opportunity to see ‘Cluny’ in another part of the world.

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