Soeurs de Saint-Joseph de Cluny
          “Daily I see miracles”

“Daily I see miracles”

‘The Sources’ programme had as its theme “Collaboration” and its reference quote from Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey was : “Daily I see miracles”.

The 50 participants of the programme for English speaking sisters travelled to France from 11 Provinces / Vice Provinces /Regions of the Congregation :

  • North East India / Nepal (6)
  • North India Plains (4)
  • South Central India (7)
  • South West India (7)
  • South East India (7)
  • South India (7)
  • West Africa (5)
  • West Indies (3)
  • Seychelles / Tanzania (2)
  • Angola / Guinea Bissau / Namibia (1)
  • Australia / Papua New Guinea (1)

They were joined by 6 English speaking sisters on mission in France – 3 in the Province of France/Switzerland/Saint Pierre and Miquelon and 3 in the Generalate Group.

Pilgrimage Group

The sisters were divided into 7 groups, named for significant places in our early history. In these groups, deliberately composed of sisters who knew each other well, the members studied, explored and prayed together throughout the course of the month. They worked through some of the practical challenges of collaboration

After the group had some time to get to know each other and to explore the nooks and crannies of the Mother House, they set off on their journey of discovery into the French countryside. They were warmly welcomed in the communities of Chamblanc and Cluny. With these two places as bases, the sisters had the opportunity to visit so many places that they had been hearing about since their novitiate days.

In the final days of their time together each group presented to the assembly a synthesis of the experience of the month together. There were seven very different and very creative presentations – in drama, song and art !!

No doubt, this experience has been a highlight in the lives of each of these sisters !

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