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        Daily News - June 13

Daily News - June 13

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Discernment for elections 2: Step by step we advance in the process of discernment, watching for the signs of the Spirit.

Step by step we advance in the process of discernment, watching for the signs of the Spirit.

On June 13, our day was punctuated by the sharing of faith, silence and liturgical celebrations. (Lauds and Holy Mass)

Our daily faith sharing is a source of joy for us. Each one of us can testify to the importance of this time of grace lived at the start of the day’s work at 8:45 a.m.
Today, after our very spontaneous faith sharing, Sr. Esperanza Mingo on behalf of all the Capitulars, warmly thanked Sister Claire Houareau and her Council for the six years spent in total dedication in the service of the Congregation. This was followed by the intervention of Sr. Catherine RYAN, our facilitator who helped us to better enter the programme of the day, inviting us to continue our discernment in silence and prayer.

The movements of God are delicate, often subtle….
adapted from ‘Following your inner Call’ by Quentin Hakenwerth, SM

At 6 p.m., the whole assembly met again to celebrate Saint Anthony with a beautiful Eucharistic celebration.

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