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          Daily News - June 23

Daily News - June 23

“A century from now, what shall be said of our journey in these times ?
And who shall the shapers have been ?”

During these last few days the delegates spent time in winding up the Chapter work and evaluating and reflecting on the five weeks of journey together.

There were sacred moments of Faith Sharing, exchanges between entities and finding possibilities of living restructuring within our reality, reviewing the 2012 General Chapter Orientation on Cluny Global Concern Committee and other Proposals.

In the evening of 22nd June, the delegates had an emotional “Moment of Gratitude.” In the name of the entire Congregation, Sister Clare Stanley, the new Superior General expressed her gratitude to Sister Claire Houareau, the former Superior General for her leadership and animation as the General Councillor and Superior General. This was followed by a short thanksgiving address for the former General Council team.

23rd June was a day of evaluation and appreciation for all those who contributed in making the 2018 Chapter a great success. The three delegates officially thanked Sister Catherine Ryan, the facilitator, translators, Secretaries, and all those involved in the secretariat and the Sacred Heart Community, Mother House.

After this Sister Clare Stanley, Superior General gave a very touching and powerful closing message to the entire Congregation and declared the 2018 General Chapter closed.

The Chapter delegates wish to thank all our Sisters, friends, associates for journeying with us and praying for us during our Chapter days. God’s love and blessings to ALL.

As the delegates journey back home we continue to ponder the words quoted from Lillian Smith (1897-1966), The Journey, 1954 by the facilitator, Sister Catherine Ryan.

A century from now, what shall be said of our journey in these times ?
And who shall the shapers have been ? ...
Who shall have shaped the future more ?
The hopeful dreamers who were strong enough to suffer for the dream ? Or the fearful pessimists who were convinced that dreaming and hope are for sleepers only, not for those awake to the age ?

A century from now, shall hope and humour have been strong enough to enable living with unanswerable questions ?
Or shall the pain that a transitional age necessarily brings have caused a retreat to old answers that no longer acknowledge new questions ?

A century from now, we shall have indeed journeyed… backward or forward.
Direction can no longer be given by circumstance ; real journeyers know that direction is always chosen by those who make the journey.
Who shall choose the direction ?

So the question is still the same…
A century from now, what shall be said of our human journey in these times ? And who shall the shapers have been ?

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