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    Day of Prayer for our Missions

Day of Prayer for our Missions

Pray for our missions around the World

Each day of the month, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny pray for one of the missions in a particular geographical area of the world. The list below indicates the day of the month during which each area is held in prayer. Join the congregation in praying for the sisters and their mission as listed below:

Monthly prayer day for the Provinces, Vice-Provinces and Regions of the congregation

1. Generalate Group
2. France / Switzerland / St. Pierre and Miquelon
3. Ireland / Great Britain

4. Portugal
5. Spain
6. Reunion
7. Madagascar
8. Seychelles / Tanzania
9. Francophone West Africa
aa(Senegal, Niger, Togo, Burkina Faso)
10. West Africa
aaa(Sierra Leone, The Gambia, Ghana)
11. Central Africa
12. Angola / Guinea-Bissau
13. Mozambique
14. Guinea
15. Antilles / Guyana
16. West Indies
17. Haiti

18. Peru / Cuba
19. Brazil
20. Paraguay / Argentina
21. USA / Canada
22. South East India
23. South India
24. South West India
25. South Central India
26. India North East / Nepal
27. India North Plains
28. French Pacific
29. New Zealand / Philippines
30. Australia / Papua New Guinea
31. Vocations

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