Soeurs de Saint-Joseph de Cluny


From the start, education has had an essential role in the Congregation’s mission of evangelization. For our foundress, Anne-Marie Javouhey, the first objective of this apostolate was to help each person to take charge of his or her own development; every person is unique, loved by God and destined for happiness and all must learn to share the potential that is theirs. (Council of the Congregation, 2009)

The educational thrust of the congregation manifests itself in the following variety of works :

  • Traditional schools (kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, Higher Education) – private, or in some countries, state schools
  • Technical training in technical schools or other types of institutions.
  • After-school assistance given to students who need help ; other free-time activities
  • Psychology services provided in schools
  • Evening classes for young persons or adults who are at work during the day
  • Hostels for young girls who live in rural areas far from their schools
  • Literacy courses, including classes for immigrants, and for teaching the local language
  • Basic education in prisons
  • Distance education as in Papua New Guinea

In addition to these educational structures which reach approximately 160,000 people, the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny are conscious of being educators in all their various activities, for example educating mothers in better hygiene and a more balanced diet for their children; encouraging parents to properly educate their children, etc ...

Join us in this mission by praying for our ministry of education or by giving of your time ... your talent, as a volunteer in a Cluny school near you!

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