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          Formation for Provincial Teams, India 1- 6 May, 2016

Formation for Provincial Teams, India 1- 6 May, 2016

On 30th April 2016, 42 participants arrived at Cluny Prashanth Vanam, Pondicherry - 6 Provincial Superiors and 36 Provincial Councillors, full of expectations and enthusiasm. Sr. Clare Stanley, (2nd Assistant General), Sr. Teresa Rai, (General Councillor) and all the participants were welcomed by Sr. Rosita Konoor, the host Provincial along with the community members.

The input sessions, presented by Sr. Clare and Sr. Teresa on the following topics were highly valued and appreciated by all the participants :

  • our mission,
  • role of the Provincial Council,
  • clarifications and enumerations on the Constitutions and other Congregational documents,
  • vision of Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey,
  • a look at the reality as to how we function as leaders,
  • servant leadership,
  • spirit of governance,
  • need for a common vision for the Province, etc.

Other topics dealt with were :

  • Principles of governance : credibility, integrity, transparency, co-responsibility,
  • accountability, subsidiarity, delegation, participation, collaboration,
  • preparing Sisters for leadership,
  • discernment,
  • consultations,
  • systemic changes and sustainable development.

The papers presented were sign posts for Province and group discussions and reporting. The entire group of participants was resourceful and spontaneous when it came to interventions with ideas vital to every topic dealt with.

Rev. Fr. Jayapalan SDB, President of TNPCRI, in his input session highlighted the following :

  • Team Leadership of Provinces and Communities, i.e. Team building,
  • Key responsibilities of Team Leader,
  • Conflict management,
  • Discernment,
  • Communication in leadership,
  • overcoming resistance, etc.
    Each day’s liturgical services brought out the aspects of Indian symbols, mantras, rituals and visuals in accordance with the theme of the day.

There was also a time of relaxation as we set out to the sea-shore of the Bay of Bengal. The marvel of the sunset, sight of fishermen reaching the shore with their catch of fish and waves lashing on our feet were exuberating moments for all of us, especially for the ones from the Himalayas. Our visit to the common Novitiate at Bahoor was a joyful meeting with the Novices from the 5 Provinces of India.

The days at Cluny Prashanth Vanam awakened us to a call to free ourselves from the narrowness of our vision. They were days rekindling our spirits with the dynamism of Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey ; a reminder to not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise but to seek what they sought. Having been rejuvenated and refreshed we go out to live our role as leaders more authentically.

We offer our thanks and gratitude to Sr. Claire Houareau, our Superior General for offering us this session on the formation of Provincial Teams so as to empower and equip them for better governance of the Provinces. We are deeply indebted to Sr. Clare Stanley and Sr. Teresa Rai for being instrumental in carrying out the task assigned to them with utmost efficiency and perfection.

Provincial Team Members
of the Six Provinces of India

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