Soeurs de Saint-Joseph de Cluny
      France / Switzerland / St Pierre and Miquelon

France / Switzerland / St Pierre and Miquelon

Being the foundation of the congregation and a place of mission is the privilege of the Province of France / Switzerland / St Pierre and Miquelon.

  • 11 communities
  • Founded in 1807
  • 1 community
  • Founded in 1912

Saint Pierre et Miquelon

  • 2 communautés
  • Fondation 1826

In 2019 the number of sisters in the Province is 162.

Chamblanc and Cluny ... as places of origin of the congregation, are places of renewal for many groups of sisters and laypeople from around the world. The ’road of the abolition of slavery’ makes it possible for the sanctity of Anne-Marie Javouhey to shine in the presence of a very wide public.

But this is not the whole of the mission!

In collaboration with lay people, the sisters have the responsibility to accompany:

  • 10,700 young people in 16 schools in 11 dioceses
  • a children’s home with social services
  • health centers and nursing homes
  • and a guest house.

Many sisters are engaged in works of the church (Assistance to families of prisoners, reaching out to the poorest, catechesis, liturgy, visits to the sick, new evangelization ...)

Special attention is given to older sisters in specific communities that have been adapted to their needs and degree of dependency.

During the last chapter, we repeated our choice to dare ... Arise, advance, proclaim! Because whatever our age, we are religious missionaries! Thus new collaborations are begun to answer current calls!

Contact information:
  • Email: sjc.provincefrance chez
  • Address: 25 rue Méchain, Paris 75014
  • Telephone: +33 01 47 07 52 00

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