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          General Council Visits 2017

General Council Visits 2017

One aspect of the mission of the General Superior and the General Council is to visit the various areas of the congregation. These visits include canonical visitations (an official visit to the Province, Vice-Province or Region) ; preparation for perpetual vows ; sessions with provincial councils or groups of sisters for various reasons ; or visits to assist/support the local leadership with a particular issue. Check periodically as more visits are added and join us in praying for the safety of our sisters traveling and the success of these visits.

23 April - 30 April : Leadership Formation

Sister Carmen Moranville and Sister Veronica Tyimuma facilitated the Provincial Council Leadership Session for the Provinces of Seychelles / Tanzania, Reunion and Madagascar. This was the last of the formation sessions to take place. Photos on Cluny Flickr.

18 April - 5 May : Canonical Visit of the Region of Paraguay and Argentina

Sister Claire Houareau is visiting the Region of Paraguay / Argentina. She is being accompanied by Sister Marie Isabel Vazquez, General Councillor of the Region. To learn more about the Region click on the link : Paraguay / Argentina

4 April - 14 April : Canonical Visit of the Province of Angola / Guinea-Bissau

Sister Claire Houareau is concluding her visit to the Province with this visit of the two communities in Guinea-Bissau. Sister Claire is being accompanied by Sister Veronica Tyimuma.

31 March - 10 April : Canonical Visit of Province of Antilles / French Guiana

During this first part of the canonical visit, Sister Carmen Moranville is visiting the 5 communities in Guadeloupe and the 2 communities in Martinique. She will visit French Giana at a later date.

27 March - 31 March : Visit to Italy

Sister Claire Houareau is visiting our two communities in Italy ... Rome and Sezze. Sister Carmen Moranville has accompanied her for the days of 27 - 29 March.

15 March - 30 March : Friendly Visit

Sister Veronica Tyimuma is visiting our sisters in Kinshasa. The 3 communities there have recently become part of the Province of Central Africa.

9 March - 14 March : Leadership Formation

Sister Clare Stanley and Sister Joan Van der Zyden facilitated the Provincial Council Leadership Session for the Provinces of Ireland / Great Britain, West Africa and USA / Canada. Photos on Cluny Flickr.

25 February - 5 March : Visit to Poland

Sister Claire Houareau visited our community of four sisters in Lublin, Poland. It was Sister Claire’s first visit to our community in Poland. Click on the link that follows for pictures of her visit. Poland pictures

15 February - 7 March : Canonical Visit

Sister Carmen Moranville is making a canonical visit of the Province of Haiti with its 13 communities and approximately 70 sisters. Learn more about the Province of Haiti by clicking on the following link : Province of Haiti

15 February - 20 February : Moyamba’s Past Pupils Association

Sister Clare Stanley is visiting Moyamba (Sierra Leone) Past Pupils Association in London to speak at a fund raising event for our schools in Moyamba.

11 February - 16 February : Leadership Formation

Sister Maria Isabel Vazquez and Sister Matilde Faneca are In Portugal to facilitate the Provincial Council Leadership Session for the Province of Portugal and the Province of Spain. Photos on Cluny Flickr

30 January - 8 February : Visit to Reunion

Sister Carmen Moranville visited Reunion as part of the celebrations of the Bi-centenary of its foundation. February 1 the 16 head teachers of our Cluny schools met at in ’La Montagne’ for a lecture on "The role of religious Congregations in teaching and education " yesterday and today... by Mr. Raoul Lucas, Professor and researcher at the University of Reunion.
February 4, Sr Marie Suzel Gérard captivated an audience of parents of the South of the island in our school of Saint Pierre. It was an occasion to talk about the Cluny Associates ! Finally, on February 8, 70 professors from the North of the island, gathered at the Immaculate Conception School in Saint Denis to become "pupils" for a session with Professor Lucas. The visit scheduled at the Lycee Sainte Suzanne on 6 and 7 February lasted only one day because of cyclone Carlos having forced the schools to close their doors ! This was a great opportunity to take a deeper look at our past thanks to our historians. It is so important to keep alive the memory of our predecessors !

30 January - 11 May : Visit and Preparation for Perpetual Vows

Sister Bernadette Pinto is visiting the Province of North East India / Nepal with it’s 31 communities stretching from the foothills of the Himalayas to the mountainous terrain of Sikkim, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Bhutan and the plains and valleys of Nepal. She will also be facilitating the Preparation for Perpetual Vows session for 21 Junior sisters.

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