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          General Council Visits 2018

General Council Visits 2018

One aspect of the mission of the General Superior and the General Council is to visit the various areas of the congregation. These visits include canonical visitations (an official visit to the Province, Vice-Province or Region) ; preparation for perpetual vows ; sessions with provincial councils or groups of sisters for various reasons ; or visits to assist/support the local leadership with a particular issue. Check periodically as more visits are added and join us in praying for the success of these visits and the safety of our sisters traveling.

3 October - 9 November : Canonical Visit of New Zealand / Philippines

Sister Ann Stevens will make a canonical visit of the Province of New Zealand / Philippines from October 3rd to November 9th. The province also includes our communities in Fiji and Raratonga, Cook Islands. For more information see : New Zealand / Philippines

28 September - 3 October : Visit to Rome

Sister Clare Stanley and Sister Agnes Thevenin made a visit to Cardinal João Braz de Aviz, the prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life at the Vatican. They also visited our sisters in Rome and Sezze.

24 August - 10 September : Visit to Brazil

Sister Matilde Faneca is visiting the Vice-Province of Brazil to offer her support, encouragement and assistance to the sisters and especially the leadership team.

7 March - 17 March : Visit to Senegal

Sister Clare Stanley made a visit to Senegal to celebrate with them the Bicentennary of the presence of Cluny Sisters in Senegal. For more information go to : 200 years of presence

28 February - 7 March : Visit to Guinea

Sister Clare Stanley visited the Region of Guinea offering her support and assistance to the Region’s sisters and leadership.

1 February - 26 March : Canonical Visit of France / Switzerland

During the months of February and March, Sister Claire Houareau made a canonical visit of the Province of France / Switzerland ... the province of our origins !

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