Soeurs de Saint-Joseph de Cluny

Health Care

In the area of health care, the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny continue to serve those in need. Here too, there is much variety and constant creativity in accordance with new needs and opportunities that arise.

Along with the many dispensaries, health centres, and hospitals that our sisters manage or in which they work, our ‘health care’ activities are carried out in a variety of other ways.


  • vaccinations
  • nutrition programs
  • family education
  • supporting the right to life from conception
  • medical outreach to isolated villagers with free consultations, etc ...


  • centres for mother and child protection
  • natural family planning
  • official health projects
  • self-help groups for women, etc ...

Assistance (in our hospitals, clinics, health centres, rehabilitation centres)to those with:

  • leprosy
  • AIDS
  • mental and physical disabilities
  • polio
  • amputation of limbs due to war

Other assistance:

  • Maternity wards
  • pharmacies
  • laboratories
  • alternative medicine (traditional herbal medicine)
  • mobile clinics including a boat clinic

Retirement homes: (in a well-adapted, suitable environment)

  • for the laity
  • for our elderly sisters

Please join us in praying for our sisters ministering in the area of ’health care’ and for all those with whom we collaborate and especially for all those in need these services.

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