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      India / South East (Pondicherry)

India / South East (Pondicherry)

The Indian mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny began in Pondicherry within 20 years of the foundation of the Congregation. Then a French Territory, the sisters arrived in 1827.

South East India (Pondicherry)
  • 27 communities
  • 229 sisters
  • Founded in 1827

The Province of South East India, with its base in Pondicherry (now called Puducherry) takes pride in being the Mother Province for all the other Provinces of India. The thrust of the Province is to announce the Good News, to liberate, empower and promote the dignity of the entire human person, as did Anne-Marie Javouhey. It has its outreach in the regions of Andhra Pradesh, Karaikal, Mahe and the Andaman Islands.

The ministries of education and health include:

  • education of students,
  • care of street boys, tribal girls, children of pavement dwellers, abandoned babies, differently-abled children,
  • home for the aged,
  • health care in hospitals, dispensaries, mobile clinics,
  • care of HIV/AIDS patients

The social ministries include:

Cluny Andhra Rural Development (CARD),
women empowerment,
children’s parliament,
self-help groups,
prison ministry,
community college and parrainages.

Pastorally ministries include:
  • conscientization of the youth,
  • family visits and family prayer
  • Preparation for Sacraments and
  • organization of various sessions for different groups.

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Contact Information:
  • Website:
  • Email: clunysep at
  • Address: 25, Suffren Street, Villa Carlos, P.B. 87, Pondicherry 605 001, India
  • Telephone: +91 0413 2340484

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