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      India / South (Trichy)

India / South (Trichy)

The Province of South India came into being on 11th November 1995. It was carved out of the Province of South East India in the State of Tamil Nadu.

South India (Trichy)
  • 33 communities
  • 245 sisters
  • Founded in 1898 (became a Province in 1995)

The province began with 20 communities. With graces from above, the Province gradually grew and 13 more communities were erected. At present there are 33 communities in four Archdiocese and 8 dioceses.

There are 245 sisters following in the footsteps of Anne-Marie Javouhey as carriers of God’s love through education, health, social and pastoral ministries.

Rooted in Christ, led by the Holy Spirit, the sisters of South India always aim to read the radiant designs of God in the signs of the time.

A good number of sisters are rendering selfless service around the globe as well as within the country, as service demands. The undue interference and demands made by the government on our institution urged us to venture into new and challenging ministries reaching out to all, especially the poor and the marginalized according to the needs of our day.

These daring initiatives gave shape to newer ministries and make our service more relevant today. With a burning desire to kindle the hearts of the underprivileged and neglected, the province has started the following ministries:

  • In order to be more effective in the ministry of healing, the leprosy center is converted into a Care and Support Centre for HIV infected patients.
  • We educate more than 50 children of HIV/AIDS and leprosy patients who are placed in different hostels and stay with us during the holidays.
  • In order to provide education and empowerment to the rural women who cannot afford to go for higher education, we have a Community College which offers training in computer, lab and nursing.
  • Some of our less used dispensaries have been converted into a home for mentally challenged, an addiction rehabilitation center, and a hostel for girls from far away villages.
  • We work in close collaboration with the government in caring for the mentally challenged and in tuberculosis control.
  • We provide adequate medical and nursing care for the elderly and bed-ridden patients.
  • With a view to providing education and empowerment to the cobblers children, twenty five cobbler villages are adopted and the cobbler’s children are educated through remedial classes.
  • We provide rehabilitation for women released from prison.
Contact information:
  • Website:
  • Email divineprovsi at
  • Address: Thiruvalluvar Street, Kallanguthu. Ariyamangalam, Trichy 620 010, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Telephone +91 0431 2905114

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