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      India / South West (Bangalore)

India / South West (Bangalore)

The province of South West India came in to existence in 1977. The Cluny Provincial house, called Preethi Sadan, is located in Bangalore, which is known as the garden city.

South West India (Bangalore)
  • 22 communities
  • 145 sisters
  • Founded in 1948 (became a Province in 1977)
Preethi Sadan: There are various ministries at this location.
  • Provincial and her team have their offices here
  • It is a center with a holistic approach offering retreats and spiritual sessions
  • The elderly Sisters of the province have found a home here. Hence it has
  • become a power house of prayer .
  • It has a day care center for the children of migrant workers.

The Mission of the Province is to spread the kingdom of God according to the spirit of our foundress Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey. The sisters serve in four states and eleven diocese of India.

The sisters of the Province are engaged in:

Pastoral Ministry
  • catechism,
  • preparing for the Sacraments,
  • family counselling,
  • youth animation
Social Ministry:
  • Empowering women and girls,
  • Self Help groups,
  • Sheltering the neglected HIV/AIDS,
  • Prison ministry
Health Ministry:
  • hospitals
  • dispensaries,
  • home for the aged
Education Ministry:
  • Formal
  • non-formal and
  • opportunity school
Developing villages:
  • through inserted communities called New Presence.

Among the front line ministries, the sisters take up the much needed ministry of liberation and rehabilitation of women and girls caught up in human trafficking.

Contact Information:
  • Website:
  • Email: preesadan at
  • Address: Preethi Sadan, Kannur P.O., Bagalur via , angalore 562 149, India
  • Telephone: +91 080 28465473

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