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        Migrants and Refugees

Migrants and Refugees

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny invite you to visit the new Vatican website "Migrants and Refugees." Explore the resources on the site and sign-up up to receive ’M & R’ news directly into your inbox!


The Migrants & Refugees Section is a small action-oriented Vatican office personally directed by Pope Francis. He is convinced that special attention and efforts are needed to ensure that those forced to flee are not shut out or left behind.

The M&R Section helps the Church worldwide to support those who are forcibly displaced by conflict, natural disaster, persecution or extreme poverty; those who are making their difficult way to safety or are stuck; and those who fall victim to human trafficking.


Despite the enormous challenges, progress is being made to make for a more welcoming world. Fr. Fabio Baggio C.S. and Fr. Michael Czerny S.J. manage the M&R Section on behalf of Pope Francis.

We see many opportunities for substantive change. We encourage everyone to join the Pope in solidarity, in building compassionate and welcoming communities around the world. This website is full of resources, and a good first step is getting the latest Migrants and Refugees Update straight into your inbox. Please sign-up and join the M&R mailing-list, below.


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