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          New Foundation in Sri Lanka

New Foundation in Sri Lanka

Sister Rosary Chinappan, Provincial of South India, has sent news of a new foundation being made by the Province in Sri Lanka.

The Sisters of the Province of South India look forward to opening a new foundation in the neighbouring country of Sri Lanka, in the diocese of Jaffna.

Bishop Justin Gnanapragasam has invited the Province to collaborate in an educational mission with the Montford Brothers and to engage in the pastoral and social ministry in the parish of Mandaithivu / Allaipiddi. The latter is a developing village and a sub-Station with 250 catholic families.

Sister Elsa Puthussery and Sister Pakia Mary Salette, having been missioned to Sri Lanka, arrived on June 10, 2019. A third sister will be missioned later in the year.

The long drawn civil war lasting 30 years has left its mark. The people yearn for peaceful development and they see education based on sound values as the foundation necessary for building a better future.

May the Holy Spirit be with the Sisters

as they begin this new missionary endeavor.

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