Soeurs de Saint-Joseph de Cluny
        Perpetual Vows 2019

Perpetual Vows 2019

We rejoice as the following sisters offer the gift of themselves to God, to the mission of the Church and to the congregation as they profess their perpetual vows as a Sister of St. Joseph of Cluny.

14 December, 2019 Seychelles / Tanzanie
  • Sister Rachel of the Divine Mercy HUNGWI MATANDALA
27 October, 2019 Madagascar
  • Sister Marie Meltine de la Sagesse RAVAONDRINA
  • Sister Jeanne Odette Marie de la Croix RAZAFIARISOA
26 October, 2019 France / Switzerland / St Pierre Miquelon
  • Sister Agnes Marie LE DERRIEN

19 October, 2019 West Africa
  • Sister Cordou of Our Lady of the Assumption FAYE

13 October, 2019 Antilles / Guyane
  • Sister Marietta MARIN

28 September, 2019 Haiti / Port-au-Prince
  • Sister Augusta de l’Eucharistie ERNEST
  • Sister wideline du Cœur Eucharistique LAMY
  • Sister Emmanuela de l’Esprit Saint MERVIL
  • Sister Manise-Marie de la Divine Miséricorde OZIRUS
  • Sister Widnice du Sacré Cœur TOUSSAINT

21 September, 2019 Francophone West Africa / Dakar
  • Sister Marie Claire de la Croix DIENE
  • Sister Jacqueline du Sacré Cœur MARONE
  • Sister Marie Antoinette de l’Eucharistie N’DIONE
  • -* Sister Marie Geneviève de l’Eucharistie NDIONE
  • Sister Anne Marie du Saint Sacrement SENE
  • Sister Marie Hélène de l’Esprit Saint ZODE

15 September, 2019 Mozambique
  • Sister Graciete do Menino Jesus DIVALA
  • Sister Prisca de Maria Das Dores ARAUJO

14 September, 2019 Kinshasa/RDC, Central Africa
  • Sister Madrid Marie de Saint Paul OMPIM
  • Sister Marie Agnes de L’Esperance SONY MEBUKILA
  • Sister Dorine de la Grace Divine LELE WONGE
14 September, 2019 West Africa
  • Sister Gertrude BENIE-MENSAH
  • Sister Elizabeth ASARE-BUOBI
8 September, 2019 Congo Brazzaville, Central Africa
  • Sister Jude Francheline Marie de Jesus BALESSOVE

6 June, 2019 Province of North East India & Nepal (Kalimpong)
  • Sister Cathrina Sareena RAI
  • Sister Augustina Archana SUBBA

1 June, 2019 Province of North India Plains (Kolkata)
  • Sister Nipun Pranita KULLU
  • Sister Santrika KIRO
  • Sister Roseline Jacinta TIRKEY
  • Sister Regina TETE.

27 May, 2019 Provinces of South India (Trichy), South West India (Bangalore) and South Central India (Salem)
  • South India ...
    • Sister Bakkiya PATHINATHAN
    • Sister Caroline Libiya NESAM
  • South Central India ...
    • Sister Mary Dhyana ANTHONISWAMY
  • South West India ...
    • Sister Mercy Sahaya Rani SEBASTIAN

25 May, 2019 Province of South East India (Pondicherry)
  • Sister Lourduberna ANTHONY
  • Sister Mary Pancy GEORGE
  • Sister Joshimary PEYYALA
  • Sister Sahaya Ruslin WALTER

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