Soeurs de Saint-Joseph de Cluny
      Perpetual Vows 2021 - December

Perpetual Vows 2021 - December

We rejoice as the following sisters offer the gift of themselves to God, to the mission of the Church and to the congregation as they profess their perpetual vows as a Sister of St. Joseph of Cluny.

December 5, 2021 Burkina Faso, Afrique de l’Ouest francophone
  • Sister Germaine of the Immaculate Heart of Mary SANGUISSO

October 30, 2021 Ghana, West Africa
  • Sister Barbara of the Blessed Sacrament KUMANGTUM

October 16, 2021 Sierra Leone, West Africa
  • Sister Victoria of Mary Immaculate THOLLEY
October 2, 2021 Kalimpong, North East India / Nepal
  • Sister Benedicta BECK
  • Sister Pabitra MANGER
  • Sister Nisha RAI
  • Sister Sushma RAI
September 18, 2021 Madagascar
  • Sister Marie Thérèse AINAMALALA
  • Sister Marie Raulande RAHERIMALALA
  • Sister Marie Virginie RASOANINDRIANA
September 11, 2021 Central Africa, Pointe Noir
  • Sister Carèle Marie BANGA MFOUTOU
September 4, 2021 l’Afrique de l’Ouest Francophone, Senegal
  • Sister Hélène du Saint Esprit ABALO
  • Sister Marie-Noël du Saint Esprit FAYE
May 29, 2021 South India, Trichy
  • Sister Stella Mary CHINNAPPAN
  • Sister Beula Immaculate JAVAKIN
  • Sister Anni Steffi JENSON TIBURTIUS
  • Sister Darly Tressa P.V. VARGHESE
  • Sister Immaculate Jayaseeli XAVIER
May 10, 2021 South East India, Pondicherry
  • Sister Delphine Rexline ARULANANDHU
  • Sister Sudha Rani BHEESETTY
  • Sister Fathima Rani POLAMARASETTI
  • Sister Amala Shanthi SAVARINATHEN
  • Sister Theresa TOPPO
May 8, 2021 North India Plains
  • Sister Suchita BILUNG
  • Sister Kirti Kiran TIRKEY
  • Sister Sudha TIRKEY

May 6, 2021 South Central India, Salem
  • Sister Panimery SELVARAJ
April 24, 2021 West Africa, The Gambia
  • Sister Elisa GOMEZ
February 2, 2021 Paraguay - Argentina
  • Sister Maria Conception RAMOS BARRETO

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