Soeurs de Saint-Joseph de Cluny
      Peru / Cuba

Peru / Cuba

Called by the French welfare of the time, four Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph of Cluny arrived in Lima June 8, 1870 to take responsibility for the French Asylum to help the families of French origin who needed care and support.

  • 10 communities
  • 54 sisters
  • Founded in 1870
  • 2 Communities
  • 5 sisters
  • Founded in 1997

After a few years, this Asylum became the "House of Health" clinic. For almost a century the sisters were responsible for the administration and ministered in all the services of this clinic. Their work was well known and and soon the sisters extended their outreach by founding a school in Lima, also for the children of French families.

Students rapidly increased in number, and in addition to French children, many Peruvian families sought admission for their children so they could learn a foreign language and also benefit from the French study methods.

The words of Anne-Marie Javouhey resound in the heart of her daughters: [bleu marine]"Be courageous, serve God with joy and generosity ... Be of our times so as to win it for Jesus Christ ... I want to be wherever there is good to be done! ... May God be glorified ... in everything and always His Holy Will."

Today, the ministries in Peru are :

  • education: 3 schools each with three levels (nursery, primary and secondary)
  • health care: a clinic with an alternative medicine center (reflexology)
  • social action
    • creche (children 0-3 years)
    • boarding for female students who come from the countryside
    • two canteens / soup kitchens for students and sick or abandoned seniors
    • visit of families and neighbouring villages
    • accommodation to receive people who come to Lima from a distance for medical treatment
  • Pastoral Ministry:
    • a spirituality center for retreats and for christian, spiritual and human development groups
    • catechesis and sacramental preparation; celebration of the Word.

Guided by this same missionary spirit, the sisters answered the request made to the Mother House by the Bishop of Matanzas in Cuba. In 1997, the first community was founded in San Miguel de los Baños. Subsequently a second community was founded in 2001 in Colon, Cuba. These two communities are both involved in the pastoral ministries of the diocese.

Five sisters work in the following ministries:

  • social action:
    • two canteens / soup kitchens for poor elderly people
    • visit of families
  • Pastoral minisitry:
    • catechesis and preparation for sacraments
    • celebration of the WORD
Contact Information:
  • Email : ninafelo at at>
  • Address : Jr. Arica 360 Madeleine del Mar, Lima
  • Telephone : + 51 1 461 82 26

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