Soeurs de Saint-Joseph de Cluny
          Photos from the Pilgrimage to the Sources

Photos from the Pilgrimage to the Sources

Fifty-six English speaking sisters are participating in the Pilgrimage to the Sources programme. The following pictures give us a glimpse into their visit.

Group outside the chapel at Chamblac, following Mass with local parishioners.

Final evening at Chamblanc - sisters of Chamblanc community dancing and singing with the pilgrim group.

Sr Elizabeth Gaveau (at 94 years old) explaining some of the treasures of the House in Cluny

In the church at Chalon

Indian sisters performing a dance for the staff and residents of our house in Cluny

The two young sisters from India, assigned to Thiais, also joined the pilgrimage - shown performing a dance from North India.

All together at Cluny - care staff and sisters dancing.

Those who couldn’t join in still able to appreciate the entertainment

Relaxing in the compound at Cluny

Outside the Church of St Peter in Chalon. The bicycles on the poles are to welcome the tour de France riders (the next important event in Chalon after our visit !)

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