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        Pope Francis: Life After the Pandemic

Pope Francis: Life After the Pandemic

"In the early months of 2020, Pope Francis frequently reflected on the coronavirus pandemic as it took hold of the human family. Collected here are eight significant spoken and written texts dated from 27 March to 22 April." (Preface Card. Michael Czerny, SJ)

Life After the Pandemic ... downloadable book

" ... these eight texts could be read together as a single development of his thought and as a rich message to humanity. This collection has two objectives.

  • The first is to suggest direction, keys, and guidelines for rebuilding a better world that might be born from this crisis of humanity.
  • The second objective is, in the midst of so much suffering and bewilderment, to sow hope." (Preface Card. Michael Czerny, SJ)
If we act as one people,
even in the face of other epidemics
that threaten us,
we can make a real impact. […]
May we find within us the necessary antibodies of
justice, charity and solidarity.
We must not be afraid
to live the alternative – the civilization of love. […]
In this time of tribulation and mourning,
I hope that, where you are,
you will be able to experience Jesus,
who comes to meet you,
greets you and says: “Rejoice” (cf. Mt 28:9).
And may this greeting mobilize us
to invoke and amplify the Good News
of the Kingdom of God.

Download the book here:

Life After the Pandemic

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