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      Provincial Chapters begin

Provincial Chapters begin

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  • 4 June 2017
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In 2018 the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny will hold its General Chapter. This is a meeting of representatives of the congregation from around the world. As our constitutions state, it is "the collegial assembly of the representatives of the whole Congregation, the living expression of its unity" (Constitutions). We will gather in Paris, France at the Motherhouse during the months of May/June 2018. The theme of our meeting is : “Missionary Disciples for a New World”

In preparation for our 2018 General Chapter, each area of the congregation holds a ‘Provincial Chapter’ or a ‘Regional Assembly’. A list of these meetings is available here on our website. We invite you, our affiliates, associates, co-workers, benefactors, friends and family, to pray with us for the success of these very important preparatory meetings. Click here to find the list of the Chapter and Assembly dates.

May the Spirit wisdom and discernment be with us !

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