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      Afrique de l’Ouest francophone

Afrique de l’Ouest francophone

Senegal / Niger / Burkina Faso / Togo

The Province of Afrique de l’Ouest francophone (previously Vice-Province of Senegal / Niger) was founded by Mother Rosalie Javouhey in 1818, the early days of the congregation. This is one of the few provinces in Africa to welcome the founder and that remains a source of motivation and missionary zeal.


11 Communities
44 Sisters
Founded in 1818


2 Communities
6 Sisters
Founded in 1999


1 Community
5 Sisters
Founded in 2012

Burkina Faso

1 Community
3 Sisters
Founded in 2012

Despite its age (196 years), it remains a young, dynamic province, with over 50% of the sisters under the age of 50. Hence, the importance we place on formation in all areas. Another characteristic of the province is its internationality and availability for mission. The mixture that exists in all our communities reflects the spirit of welcome and communion thus opening us to the universal.

A good look at the geography of the province, makes one well aware of our presence in very sensitive areas, dominated by the rise of religious fanaticism and Islamic sects. Because of this, the mission in Mali was temporarily closed and the sisters in ZINDER left, leaving the lay manager to supervise our works (schools, clinics). Despite this climate of insecurity and precariousness, our valiant missionaries keep the flame of hope and faith burning with the aide of our benefactors who support us in our mission.

We continue to work in the fields of the Lord through

  • the educational work of youth,
  • health care,
  • women’s promotion
  • and we pay special attention to the most vulnerable
    • drop of milk for children,
    • visits to prisoners
    • reorientation classes for children with a disability,
    • sewing center for girl

In this year of mercy we are more than ever engaged in our mission and inspired by the message of Pope Francis who invites us to live in joy and wake up the world.

Contact Information:
  • Email : Javouheynanette at
  • Address : Maison vice-provinciale, Avenue Cheikh Anta Diop, B.P. 7035, Dakar-Médina, Sénégal
  • Telephone : + 221 33 821 65 62

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