Soeurs de Saint-Joseph de Cluny


Evangelization through education is the main mission of the Province of Spain although it is not the only mission!


10 communities
69 sisters
Founded in 1903

Evangelization through education is the main mission of the Province of Spain with 4 Integrated Centres of education (nursery school to college level) and 2 Nursery schools, collectively educating more than 3,000 students. True to the spirit of Anne-Marie Javouhey, both the Sisters and the lay staff help our students to discover the action of God in their lives.

Through the "Cluny Movement", camps, Marian gatherings, prayer groups and other educational activities, both cultural and religious, we journey with our students creating an environment that would facilitate a personal encounter with Christ.

The implementation of our ‘Education Action Plans’ and ‘Emotional and Sex Education’, specific to our Province, enable our students to grow in their level of maturity. The Sisters are also responsible for the formation of families through the Parents’ Schools and through our accompaniment of our Past Students Associations.

All communities collaborate in pastoral ministry of the parish and the diocese we belong to (and in some cases with other nearby parishes)

  • catechesis
  • liturgical ministries
  • visits to the sick and elderly
  • welcome in our local church groups ... more

One community also works with the Diocesan Delegation of Youth Ministry. We also support young people in their vocational discernment process.

We share our charism with three groups of Cluny Associates.

Two provincial teams, the ’Pastoral Ministry team’ and the ’Educational Management Team’, work together to coordinate these activities.

All this work is accompanied by the prayers and the sacrifices of our older sisters and of our sisters who are ill}}.


Contact Information:
  • Email: at
  • Address: Avda. Juan Pablo II, 32, 28224 - Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid
  • Telephone: +34 91 715 67 17

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