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          The Assumption of Mary celebrated in the colors of the 5 continents

The Assumption of Mary celebrated in the colors of the 5 continents

Many of us gathered at the Mother House for this wonderful time where we celebrated and prayed to Mary, women of faith, … Mary, woman who guides us as a light on our journey of faith.

As is tradition in St Joseph de Cluny, the feast of the Assumption is also an opportunity to celebrate our Superior General. In the presence of several communities, sisters of the Mother House and the General Council, we presented our greetings to Sister Clare Stanley (current Superior General).

During the aperitif and the meal we expressed our joy through presentations of songs, dances and skits from various countries and continents.

The youngest sisters in the community, along with the group of 24 Juniors, who have been at the Mother House preparing for perpetual vows from the beginning of July to the end of August, truly invested themselves in this time of community celebration !

This day was a true celebration of joy and fellowship.

Address to Sister Clare, August 15 2019 by Sister Agnès Thevenin

Dear Sister Clare,

As I mentioned at the beginning of the Mass, Mary, our Perpetual Mother General, celebrated on this solemnity of the Assumption, has given us the opportunity to gather together as a family.

To be with your family is to know how to celebrate, and to celebrate those who are dear to us. Today, it is you that we celebrate, our Superior General since 2018.

On this day, we would like to express to you our simple and sincere best wishes.

Pope John Paul II said of Mary that she is "a luminous dawn and a sure guide for our way," this is our first wish. May Mary, wholly fashioned by the grace of God, modeled by her merciful love, be the one who guides you along the path, a path of transformation by the grace of God.

Mary rises as a sign of hope and hope is fulfilled in her. May Mary bring to her Son all of your hopes, hopes for the Congregation and for each of the sisters over whom you watch.

Mary has experienced profoundly within herself the love of God. She welcomed that love and let herself be transformed by it. This love gave her a sense of trust. May Mary, transformed by this love, support you on a path of peace, joy, hope and confidence that surpasses difficulties.

In the Magnificat, Mary shows that she wants to be close to the afflicted, the small and the weak. May the maternal and benevolent gaze of Mary be that which leads our entire Congregation.

Mary is undoubtedly the one who best intercedes in favor of those who pray to her. May Mary intercede with her Son so that you, the council and all our congregation, may participate in building a fraternal and responsible society, where each of us is resolved to love more, to give of ourselves more and to serve humbly.

To conclude, I borrow some words from Pope Frances said during a Feast of the Assumption, I quote :

“We heard the Song of Mary, the Magnificat : it is the song of hope, it is the song of the People of God walking through history. It is the song many saints, men and women, some famous, and very many others unknown to us but known to God : … This song is particularly strong in places where the Body of Christ is suffering the Passion. For us Christians, wherever the Cross is, there is hope, always. If there is no hope, we are not Christian. That is why I like to say : do not allow yourselves to be robbed of hope. May we not be robbed of hope, because this strength is a grace, a gift from God which carries us forward with our eyes fixed on heaven. And Mary is always there, near those communities, our brothers and sisters, she accompanies them, suffers with them, and sings the Magnificat of hope with them. (…)”

Sister Clare, today, we ask that with you, and following the example of Mary, we sing throughout our life, the MAGNIFICAT of Hope !

Sr Agnès Thevenin

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