Soeurs de Saint-Joseph de Cluny
      The Sources

The Sources

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny are fortunate to have several places that are considered the ‘sources’ of the congregation. These locations give us a glance at the history, heritage and actual living spaces of our founder.

The following locations in France are important to the congregation as they speak to us of our history.

  • Jallanges - place of Anne-Marie’s birth and early childhood.
  • Seurre - where Nanette (Anne-Marie Javouhey) was baptized.
  • Chamblanc - where she spent her childhood and adolescence.
  • Cluny - the first Motherhouse (1812-1854), the congregation taking its name from this location
  • Autun - installation of the first "technical" school
  • Paris – Motherhouse purchased in 1849, the place of Anne-Marie’s death
  • Senlis - where she was buried

Visiting the sources

Each of these places holds some of the history of the congregation and can be visited.
Those who truly want to know Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey and deepen their understanding of her life, would benefit from visiting the sources. Unlike visiting a museum, each location gives a sense of what Anne-Marie’s life was truly like, what animated her spirit, what made her such a strong, courageous woman abandoned to the Will of God.

At the following locations a community can welcome and assist you:

- * Chamblanc, Jallanges and Seurre: Call 03 80 21 11 60
- * Cluny: Call 03 85 59 04 72
- * Paris: Call 01 47 07 52 00

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