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          Upcoming Event : "Route of the Abolition of Slavery" in Val de Saône

Upcoming Event : "Route of the Abolition of Slavery" in Val de Saône

During this month of May 2016, as part of the official ceremonies of remembering the abolition of those trafficked and held in slavery, three communities of the region of Val de Saône, France (Jallanges, Seurre and Chamblanc) are preparing to welcome those coming from Mana, French Guiana. The ceremonies are taking place from the 6 - 11 May.

The delegation from French Guiana, composed of descendants of freed slaves in Mana, will be led by Mr. Georges PATIENT, Senator-Mayor of Mana.

This partnership has existed since 2011 when 3 ‘memorial forests’ were inaugurated, to recognize the unparalleled actions of Anne-Marie Javouhey, foundress of the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny.
In 1838, sent by the Department of Marine and Religious Affairs, Mother Javouhey, despite all the difficulties, prepared the first 147 slaves for their freedom, educating them and giving them their place in society.

Together, we hope that through this wonderful memorial event, both emotional and cultural ties can be strengthened with French Guiana and especially Mana for whom, Anne-Marie Javouhey remains their "Dear Mother" and a model of fraternity and humanity between peoples.

Program of meetings and festivities

  • May 6 : Arrival of the delegation to the site of Chamblanc where they will be welcomed by politicians ; Sister Agnes Thevenin, Provincial of the Province of France/Switzerland ; and the Principal and the Board of Directors of Anne-Marie Javouhey School.
  • May 7 : A day of visiting Hôtel-Dieu in Beaune, accompanied by Marie-Thérèse Garcin. At 7 pm the Eucharist will be celebrated at the Church of Chamblanc, presided over by Monsignor Roland Minnerath, Archbishop of Dijon.
  • May 8 : Commemoration of WWII Victory in Europe as well as gatherings with the welcoming families.
    In the afternoon Mrs. Caroline Robin and Jean-Louis Rousselet will give a guided tour of the church in Seurre where Anne-Marie Javouhey was baptized.
  • May 9 : Day in Dijon : City Hall, Museum of Fine Arts and guided tour. Lunch at the Diocesan Office. In the evening there will be a barbecue in Jallanges, the village where Mother Javouhey was born.
  • May 10 : The morning at Anne-Marie Javouhey School in Val de Saône, cultural encounters with the delegation and the 7 classes. Visit of the paternal house of Anne-Marie Javouhey, exhibitions ...
  • At 3 pm the delegations with gather at the Chamblanc ‘Memorial Forest’ ; official commemorative ceremony of the memorial of the slaves cared for by Anne-Marie Javouhey in Mana. Present will be Madam Prefect (Governor) ; the elected officials from the region of Bourgogne Franche-Comté ; the Saône Valley Community of Communes (representing local towns and villages) ; the local elected representatives ; the delegation of Mana ; members of the Route of Abolitions and Philippe Pichot its coordinator ; a delegation of the General Council of the Congregation of St Joseph of Cluny ; Sister Agnes Thevenin, Provincial of France-Switzerland ; Sister Veronica Joseph, Provincial of Antilles-Guyane ; and the municipal councils of the district.
  • Festive evening in the ‘Salle des Fêtes’ of Seurre
  • May 11 : Departure of the delegation to Paris.

Thank you for joining us in praying for the success of this wonderful event. You are most welcome to join us for the celebration of the Eucharist on the 7th of May in the church in Chamblanc and for the celebrations on the 10th of May at the “Memorial Forest” in Chamblanc.

(Photos are from the 2011 planting of the Memorial Forests.)

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