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West Africa

The Province of West Africa includes the countries of Sierra Leone, the Gambia and Ghana. The sisters recently celebrated 25 years in Ghana and will celebrate 150 years of presence in Sierra Leone throughout 2016. Anne-Marie Javouhey visited both Sierra Leone and the Gambia in 1822, however, there were no communities established at that time.

Sierra Leone
  • 5 communities
  • 19 sisters
  • Founded in 1866
The Gambia
  • 3 communities
  • 11 sisters
  • Founded in 1868
  • 2 communities
  • 10 sisters
  • Founded in 1990

We are fortunate to have a number of young sisters in the province along with our older sisters who still think they are young and are still very active. Thus, we are an active, vibrant province.

All three countries are involved in:

  • Teaching
  • Nursing
  • Formation

We are also involved in many other activities outside of these main ones. A school for the Hearing Impaired is a big part of the work of the sisters in Sierra Leone.

There are pre-postulants in all of the three countries. The postulancy is in Ghana and the novitiate is located in Sierra Leone. We have 3 student sisters in Gambia - 2 studying in the teaching field and 1 at nursing college. In Ghana there are 4 studying for the teaching profession and 1 for nursing and in Sierra Leone, 3 are studying for the teaching profession and 1 for nursing.

The sisters in the Gambia are doing a lot of building up and pulling down. Anne-Marie Javouhey Academy, Brusubi is in the 4th phase of their building plan constructing a nine classroom block. Kanifing is about to open a new convent chapel. They will then have to demolish the old novitiate building as it is in dangerous condition.

No corner of Sierra Leone was untouched by the ‘ebola virus’. Thank God schools have reopened after eight months and the education authorities are aiming to cover 2 years work in a year and a half by lengthening the terms and reducing the holidays. All our communities in Sierra Leone are involved in the rehabilitation of a number of ebola survivors in their area covering different aspects of their psycho-social needs. These people were left with nothing physically and the experience has left many very fragile. Many of the families affected have no ‘bread-winner’ so the needs are many, particularly for the school going children.

Sister Catherine Jarra has recently been named Vice-Provincial of the Vice Province. She is the first Gambian to hold this position.

Contact Information:
  • Website:
  • Email: srger1 at
  • Address: Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, P.O. Box 129, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
  • Telephone: +232 76 57 41 35

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